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SiliconPV Award 2013

The SiliconPV Award 2013 was given to the 10 best ranked contributions of SiliconPV 2013 in Hamelin, Germany. They were selected among 198 submissions by a blind review process. Congratulations!

The program committee of the SiliconPV conference designated the following authors:

Rank Author Co-Authors Country  Company Title
1 Lamers, Machteld K. Butler, C. Fang,
J. Harding,
L.E. Hintzsche,
G. Jordan, G. Kress,
M. Marsman,
P.E. Vullum,
A. Weeber
Netherlands ECN Solar Energy The Interface of A-SINX:H and SI: Lingking the Nanoscale Structure to Passivation Quality
2 Naumann, Volker J. Bauer,
O. Breitenstein,
S. Großer,
C. Hagendorf,
D. Lausch, M. Schütze
Germany Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics CSP Towards a Physical Model for Potential-induced Degradation (PID) of Si-solar Cells
3 Chen, Yifeng P.P. Altermatt,
H. Shen
China Institute for Solar Energy Systems Analysis of Recombination Losses in Screen-printed Aluminum Back Surface Fields by Numerical Device Simulation
4 Steckenreiter, Verena R. Brendel,
R. Horbelt,
M. Nese, D. Nilsen Wright
Germany ISFH Qualification of Encapsulation Materials for Module-Level-Processing
5 Veith, Boris R. Brendel,
T. Ohrdes,
J. Schmidt,
F. Werner
Germany ISFH Injection Dependence of Effective Lifetime of n-type Si Passivated by Al2O3: An Edge Effect?
6 Kaule, Felix S. Schönfelder,
W. Wang
Germany Fraunhofer CSP Modeling and Testing the Mechanical
Strenght of Solar Cells
7 Hallam, Brett M. Abbott, C. Chan,
M. Eadie, P. Hamer,
L. Mai, A. Sugianto,
S. Wenham
Australia University of New South Wales Hydrogen Passivation of Boron-oxygen Defects in Czochralski Silicon
8 Lee, Seung-Yoon S. Ahn, J. Choi,
K. Ji, H. Lee, H. Li
South Korea LG Electronics Advanced Institute of Technology Analysis of A-SI:H/TCO Contact Resistance for the SI Heterojunction Back Contact Solar Cell
9 Metz, Axel K. Ramspeck Germany SCHOTT Solar AG Industrial High Performance Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells and Modules Based on Rear Surface Passivation Technology
10 Kamp,
J. Bartsch,
A. Zogaj
Germany Fraunhofer ISE Zincate Process for Silicon Solar Cell Metallization

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